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To help you navigate the new vocabulary of “clean skincare” we are sharing how we define some of the phrases we use when speaking about environmental impact and Kiehl’s Mission Renewal.

Abundant Raw Material

Minerals that are found in relatively high concentrations in the earth’s crust, are easily accessible, and are readily available commercially. 

Carbon Footprint

Amount of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and its equivalents) released throughout a product’s life cycle (production, transportation and usage).

Circular Processes

Production systems which aim to limit the wasting of resources and to minimize the environmental impact of all stages of a product’s life cycle.

FSC Certified Paper or Cardboard

Paper or cardboard used in product packaging that comes exclusively from forests that are managed responsibly, in a way that protects biodiversity, and are independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Green Transformation

Processes with a low environmental impact, used to obtain new raw materials in formulations.

Recycled Material

Material made from post-consumer recycled sources.

Renewable Energy

Unlimited deposits of energy, renewable sources include solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, marine and biomass energy.

Renewable Raw Material

Comes from plant, animal or microbial materials which are generally produced by agriculture, forestry and fishing. They regenerate constantly in relatively short cycles. 

Responsible Manufacturing Plant

A manufacturing plant that, year after year, reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste generation and that contributes to the development of local employment and access to employee training. 

Solidarity Sourcing
with Our Suppliers

Started in 2010, the Solidarity Sourcing program directs a portion of our Global purchases to suppliers who employ people from vulnerable communities to allow them to have a reliable access to work and income. 

Waste Recovery

Waste from manufacturing is either reused, recycled or transformed into energy (waste-to-energy). In order to avoid sending waste to a landfill, materials that cannot be reused or recycled are used as fuel in special furnaces to generate energy.

Water Footprint

Amount of water used throughout a product’s life cycle (production and usage).

The 4 Principles of the United Nations(UN)
Global Compact on Labour Rights

  • Freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
  • Elimination of forced or compulsory labor
  • Abolition of child labor
  • Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation


Kiehl’s Mission Renewal is our commitment to circularity with the aim to
replenish resources, design out waste and empower community.


We aim to formulate 100% of our products to minimize waste while restoring and renewing key natural resources. 


Our goal is to design 100% of our bottles and jars to be reusable, refilled or made of recyclable materials.


We are inspiring our global community to take action through community service while providing education focused on sustainability.

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