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How To Visibly Reduce Wrinkles On The Neck

Visible signs of aging can appear not only on the face, but also on the neck area. The signs, including wrinkles on the neck and loss of firmness, are a result of the intrinsic skin-aging process. Here are some neck aging treatments and tips to help reduce the appearance of visible neck wrinkles caused by aging or as a result of tech neck to help firm skin and boost elasticity.

Target Neck Wrinkles and Tech Neck with our Efficacious Anti-Aging Cream

Our Super Multi-Corrective Cream is specifically formulated to deliver 7-in-1 benefits. The anti-aging cream formula visibly lifts, firms, smoothes, refines texture, evens tone and boosts radiance and the feeling of elasticity to combat signs of aging on the face as well as fine lines and wrinkles on the neck. With the increasing amount of time spent on digital devices, our formula also targets wrinkles on the neck as a result of tech neck. It is clinically-demonstrated that with continued use, consumers saw 92%* visible improvement in the neck area.

Within our formula, three key ingredients help visibly reduce signs of aging skin:

PhytoMimetic Vitamin A
This botanical helps visibly diminish wrinkles and renew skin’s surface for more refined, smooth skin.

A patented anti-aging molecule, ProxylaneGX helps restore elasticity for skin that looks and feels firmer.

Chaga Mushroom
Known as “Super Mushroom,” due to the many potential benefits of Chaga Mushroom. In our formula, it helps even skin tone and boost radiance for a more refined, healthy-looking complexion.

Combined in our efficacious formula, these ingredients can help combat tech neck and other signs of aging in the face and neck area through the multi-benefit to smoother, firmer and healthier-looking skin!

*Based on agreement in a 12-week consumer use study with a panel of 53 women. Individual results may vary.

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