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How Amino Acids Benefit Your Hair And Skin

From shampoos to facial moisturizers, Amino Acids are effective ingredients in a range of formulas. Learn more about the benefits of Amino Acids in hair and skincare and discover products formulated with this versatile and efficacious ingredient.


At Kiehl’s we use plant-derived Amino Acids in all of our hair and skincare products. We carefully select the types of Amino Acids to use in different formulas in order to deliver the most benefits for your hair and skin.

Amino Acid Based Gel Cream

Control Excess Shine with our Moisturizer with Micronized Amino Acid

Stay shine-free with our gel moisturizer for oily skin. Our ultra lightweight, refreshing moisturizer is formulated with Micronized Amino Acid to help visibly reduce excess oil, shine and pores over time. Infused with Glacial Glycoprotein, our no-shine formula also delivers a surge of cooling moisture for 24-hour hydration.

Amino Acid Shampoo

Boost Volume with our Amino Acid Shampoo

Cleanse and soften hair with our mild shampoo. Formulated with Coconut Oil and Wheat-Derived Amino Acid, our shampoo helps add fullness and body for thicker, smoother-looking hair. Our delightfully creamy Amino Acid shampoo is suitable for all hair and scalp types.


Strengthen & Soften with our Amino Acid Conditioner

Our mild, daily conditioner helps maintain hair’s moisture balance while boosting shine for soft, healthy-looking hair. Formulated with Wheat-Derived Amino Acids, our formula helps strengthen hair to help resist breakage.

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